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7.5% for Them; Giving Back To the Next Gen || Ancille

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"I have my fathers looks and my mothers emotions... I'm not sure which one is worse but I guess you can decide."

I said this phrase while giving a talk about the poverty I saw while in Argentina. It's been a goal of mine to give back, and with your help, we can.

Education is being debated hotly in Washington, and I don't want to point fingers because many people across parties are to blame, but one thing we can agree on, is education is necessary for economic growth.

Right now, in Washington, education is being put behind things like a multi-billion wall that won't stop drug trade nor illegal immigration, trade wars to bring back ancient jobs, etc... We want to grow our economy, but these things are short-term fixes for a long-term issue. 

Although we want to point fingers at Washington for abandoning our next generation of artists, inventors, and workforce in general; we should do more. As a business owner, I feel it's my duty to give back. 

When you buy our products, you are supporting not just American jobs, you are supporting children who will benefit from more funding to their schools.

I don't have all the answers, I don't have the power to fix this problem myself... but in donating to something i'm passionate about, I believe that this is the first step in improving the future generation of American workers. I hope that by doing this, other small businesses will join with me and donate to their local underfunded institutions. 

I guess it's safe to bet that my dad's looks are worse than my mothers emotions. Join me in helping to eradicate the underfunding of public educational institutions.  

Tyler L. Welker

Ancille Founder


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